Artemis 1 launch dwell weblog: NASA’s about to blast its megarocket to the moon

A leak-fixer speaks
Credit score: Screengrab / NASA

At round 10 pm E.T., NASA despatched its “crimson group” into the launch space to restore a hydrogen leak. This group comprised of two technicians and a security officer — although solely one of many technicians, Trent Annis, has publicized his full title to this point. An hour later, the crimson group had accomplished their repair — torquing the nuts on a hydrogen valve, and apparently torquing them nicely.

For all intents and functions, the NASA crimson group saved the day with its world-class nut-torquing.

Shortly after the launch, Annis gave a kind of post-game interview to the hosts of NASA’s live broadcast, along with his two teammates, recognized solely as “Billy,” a 30-year crimson group member who reportedly had by no means been known as in like this throughout a launch earlier than, and security officer “Chad.” 

Nevertheless it was the youthful Annis who did a lot of the speaking, relaying his up-close observations of the SLS as launch neared. “It’s alive. It’s creaking. It’s making venting noises. It’s fairly scary. So on zero deck, my coronary heart was pumping.” 

Thankfully, In response to Annis, “We confirmed up in the present day. As quickly as we walked up these stairs we have been able to rock n’ roll.”

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